Working with our faithful partners at the American Caribbean Experience, or ACE, Trinity on the Hill sent a team of ten to St. Mary, Jamaica to minister to the needs of the folks in the community. 

 From October 10th through the 19th both medical and non-medical volunteers cared for the people around them, those with medical backgrounds working in the clinics to treat the ailments of the patients and those without medical backgrounds watching children while parents received care or running needed supplies to their destinations.

While the mission trip is a Medical Mission trip and those with medical backgrounds are requested, it takes both medical and non-medical volunteers to keep clinics operating smoothly.The mission trip impacted not just those who were cared for, but for the team members as well. Aside from caring for the people of St. Mary’s our team was able to live alongside them as they prayed, worked with, ate with one another and worshiped together.

“In the midst of my schooling ( for Nurse practioner) I needed to go and once again remember my purpose in life. God did wonderful things for the Jamaican people while we were there. And as always, He did great things for the team!”

~ Diane Lamb

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